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Kid Lightbulbs is the alias of Massachusetts-based songwriter/producer/performer Brandon Lucas Green. Kid Lightbulbs is a lifelong exploration into the constant and often polarizing influences around us and the serendipitous, lightbulb moments of clarity among the noise. Brandon's music is minimal and abrasive, yet optimistic; his lyrics deeply vulnerable and often self-deprecating.Recent press:
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An award-winning classical pianist in his childhood years, Brandon cut his teeth on equal parts Beethoven, Beatles and Blink-182, teaching himself bass, guitar, horns and enough production skills to realize his early musical ideas. After a 4-year college degree in music theory and composition and 5-year stint playing bass in the prog-metal band that would become Earthside, he put his musical ambitions on pause to pursue a career in tech. Only after a series of trying life journeys – marriage, travel, family sickness, pandemic and raising a child – did he find himself fully returning to his musical roots. He found solace in his childhood influences of pop-punk, industrial rock and alternative rock, but found an equilibrium with his classical training and more experimental ambitions.Kid Lightbulbs' second album, STEP INTO THE OCEAN, is out now on all streaming platforms; a live show is being prepared to promote it.